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Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway Hop Sign Up

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October Breast Cancer & Any Cancer Awareness Giveaway Hop

10/10 – 10/19, 2016


October is a special month for many of us. In fact, every single person on this earth has been affected by cancer. It may not be a direct connection to you and your life. Yet, as human beings we cannot separate and isolate ourselves from the pain and hurt felt by others. In fact, when we extend ourselves to those who are in need, when we embrace them with our compassion and love – a real magic happens. We connect on the deepest level possible – within our souls.

To celebrate this incredible ability to connect with each other, and to remind about breast cancer prevention facts, we dedicate this Giveaway Hop to all who cares and are willing to extend themselves beyond the comfort zone they are in. This is also a genuine remembrance of all those dear to our hearts who passed away from cancer. They will always be Unforgettable and undeniably beautiful to us.

Please join in our Breast Cancer & Any Cancer Awareness Giveaway Hop from OCT. 10 to OCT. 19. Select your giveaway prizes in any form you like: gift cards, products, books, something with a pink breast cancer butterfly symbol. We’d love to have you in this amazing hop!

Let’s Hop To #1SaveTaTas

By on October 4th, 2016

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3 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway Hop Sign Up”

  1. Being a recently diagnosed patient, it warms my heart to see how many people care for those of us that are fighting the battle. We can only do it with help, from friends and family alike. THANK YOU ALL!!

  2. I don’t have a blog but I appreciate the ones that are participating. Breast Cancer is real to everyone because we all know someone that has had it or been influenced by it. Thank you for getting the word out through your blogs.


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