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Blundstone Women's Boots and Kids Too!

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Enjoy Blundstone Women's Boots and Kids Ones Too All Year Long

If you live in a climate even close to what we have here in the Pacific Northwest you know that a good boot is worth its weight in gold as it can be worn all year long. What do I mean by a good boot though? For starters Blundstone women's boots meet all of my criteria for an excellent year-round boot for this mama.Blundstone men, kids and women's boots

My daughter's Blundstone youth (blunnies) boots on the left and mine on the right

A good boot for us here in our beautiful but often wet, very green climate but did I mention wet? It's not always cold we do get beautiful weather but we get a lot of rain, not snow but rain. We have many beautiful trails in forests we love to hike or take our dogs for a walk in, in fact, we have a forested area not more than 20 feet from the front of our home. While it's still technically spring summer is coming but here that doesn't mean we won't be wearing our boots. We can and do get hot and sunny weather and then we can still get rain in June and yes even in July and August too. Blundstone men, kids and women's bootsThat means we can be wearing t-shirts and shorts one day and that same week the jeans and sweaters come back on with you got it our boots. It can also be a t-shirt, jeans and boots day that's the beauty and sometimes curse of the weather here is that you can get all different weather in the same day. For my family and a good pair of boots is durable, has some style, has a good tread, protects our feet, is lightweight and most importantly is comfortable.Blundstone men, kids and women's boots

Do we really get all that in Blundstone Women's Boots?

We most certainly do! If you look at the photo above you can see the rugged tread of my Rustic Black Premium Leather Chelsea Boots from Blundstone. I've worn these boots with jeans, leggings and even some dresses for a more country and western look. They are versatile, great for walking and hiking anywhere and even for wearing out and about town for errands and more. Comfort and quality is a big deal for me and my family, especially now that my daughter's feet are almost as big as mine she will sometimes wear my shoes. Let's just say I can't always find one pair of women's Blundstone boots because a certain teen may have "borrowed" them.

Blundstone men, kids and women's boots

Said teen as pictured above with me is wearing her Blunnies for youth and kids, she has the Chestnut Brown Boys or Girls Full Grain Leather Kids Boots in Style 530 on and she loves them. As she says though she just likes to borrow mine because they're another style and are black. Her boots are durable, lightweight and comfy, Blunnies for Kids are as easy to love as they are to slip on and off. Comes with an additional set of footbeds so your kids can start with both pairs in the boots and remove them as their foot grows. Right now my daughter has both pairs in and has worn them almost daily!Blundstone women's bootsAs you can see above my daughter's Blunnies for kids also have a very durable tread which is handy in our wet climate with slippery walkways and even forest floors. Best of all they're stylish and comfortable enough for her that she goes to school wearing them or even out with her friends. Blundstone women's bootsI love mine for comfort, durability and style as I'm hard on my shoes and I have a hard time finding boots that are comfortable enough for me and my knee and foot issues. Blundstone Women's boots meet all my criteria, in fact they more than exceed my requirements. I can see why Blundstone women's boots have such a great reputation and are so popular. All I wonder now is why I didn't get a pair sooner!

Blundstone men, kids and women's boots

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If you're looking for boots worth their weight in gold (okay silver but still so valuable) because they are so versatile, comfortable and more then Blundstone boots for women, kids and men are what you may just be looking for!

Blundstone men, kids and women's boots

Make sure to stop by their website to see their full line of boots HERE. 

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  1. I am looking for a good pair of boots for daily wear that are easy to slip on and off. I sure like the look of these and how durable they are.


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