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BeBe and Bella Probiotic Skin Care Review

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Powered by Mom’s BeBe and Bella Probiotic Skin Care Review

Probiotics for your skin! BeBe & Bella your new favorite skin care line.

I’m a big believer in probiotics as part of my routine for a healthy lifestyle. However until BeBe and Bella I did not know you could have probiotics on your skin. I love this idea!Let’s be honest, as time goes by we’re not getting any older. As we continue to age, it’s more important than ever to start taking care of our bodies because as we age so do they.

BeBe Bella

Taking multivitamins, getting out and being active, eating right and hydrating are all great ways that you can start taking care of your body today. In fact, one of my resolutions for this year was to start taking better care of my body and I’ve already begun to introduce healthier foods and more water into my daily routine. I’ve also started on the path to getting more active so my body can be healthier in that aspect as well. So far everything is going great and I already feel healthier.

BeBe & Bella basket

Another way that I’ve started to take better care of my body is to take care of my skin. I’ve always loved using moisturizing body washes and lotioning my skin before bed but it came to my attention that as I age that simply isn’t enough. I have to take a more proactive stance with my skincare if I want my skin to remain healthy for years to come. This is why, when I was given the opportunity to partner with BeBe and Bella to review their line of probiotic skincare products, I jumped at the opportunity.

The night cream is light and not greasy in any way. Both my daughter and I have been using it on a regular basis.

BeBe & Bella cream

Created by Rose and her two daughters, Linda and Allsion, BeBe and Bella was founded from a deep rooted dedication to beautiful skin. Since they grew up in the south, where the days are long and the sun is hot, the trio knew that skincare was a lifelong commitment. In 2013, the three teamed up as business partners and got to work creating the groundbreaking skincare company. What makes BeBe and Bella so innovative is the fact that they’re the 1st company of their kind that came up with a line of skincare products that were comprised of probiotics.


Benefits of probiotics include:

  • Faster cell turnover.
  • Enhances skin’s protective moisture barrier.
  • Fights off free radicals.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Wards off acne and eczema.

For my review I received a BeBe and Bella bundle that included the Cleanser, Toner, Facial Essence, Night Eye Cream, and an Essence Stick. This starter bundle makes a great gift for your loved ones or if you’re like me and a bit obsesses with skincare, then it’s also a great gift to give yourself. These products are suited for any skin type and I mean any type. I myself have Roseacea and my 14 year old daughter has sensitive skin. We’ve both been able to use the BeBe and Bella skin care products and love it!


The Facial Cleanser removes dirt and other impurities from the skin while leaving it moist and conditioned. It’s great for either nighttime or morning use.

Purifying Facial Toner is best used after you’ve cleaned and moisturized. The toner works to remove any leftover residue and also helps reduce the size of your pores. For me, this product was a must. It also refreshes and revitalizes the skin.


Hydrating Nighttime Eye Cream is applied at night and greatly helps to hydrate the sensitive skin under your eyes. The night eye cream helps restore skins youthful look and locks in moisture so you wake up with skin that is hydrated and radiant. This is my absolute favorite product. I love them all but this one in particular as it helps that sensitive skin under my eyes look less tired.

Essence Stick is perfect for on the go use. Apply over even makeup and it instantly absorbs without smudging or leaving greasy residue. It’s perfect for lightening up laugh lines and other fine lines on the face.

Facial Essence is the lightest moisturizing product but delivers the highest percentage of active ingredients. The innovative formula increases the natural flora defense, which, in turn, reduces the loss of moisture.

These are not our before and after pictures as ours wouldn’t do it justice. I thought it important for you all to see what a difference these products can make.

Acne Before & After

If you’re looking for a great new line of skincare products, then look no further than BeBe and Bella. You’ll notice an almost immediate difference in your skin and it’s so gentle and good for you that even my daughter is able to use all of the products on her own skin. Whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s Day or just because the BeBe & Bella skin care products would make for a wonderful gift!

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73 thoughts on “BeBe and Bella Probiotic Skin Care Review”

  1. I had not heard of probiotics for the skin before but it was very interesting. Thank you for sharing this information with us!

  2. Wow! The before and after pictures are really impressive! I could really benefit from something like this. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hydrating your skin is important and mine is always dry so I would love to try it out.The Facial Cleanser removes dirt and other impurities from the skin while leaving it moist and conditioned which is what I need so my skin will stay clear.

  4. I have very dry skin but have to be very careful about which moisturizers I use or my face will break out. I am amazed by the before and after pictures. My daughter has similar skin problems this might just be the answer for her. It is definitely worth trying. I myself would be thrilled to try the Facial Essence.

  5. I have been seeing alot of ads for probiotic skincare and have been curious about it. This bundle kit is great because it includes everything that you need for a complete facial lineup. Great review.

  6. I’m going to go check these out I have tremendously sensitive skin and everything makes me breakout. Maybe probiotics is the key as my skin is definitely unbalanced.

  7. These skin care products sound so nice. I would love to try these out. My skin is aging so fast and I have been trying everything I can to keep it as good as I can. Thank you for sharing this. I will check out their site

  8. Probiotic skincare that does this??Benefits of probiotics include:
    Faster cell turnover.
    Enhances skin’s protective moisture barrier.
    Fights off free radicals.
    Reduces inflammation.
    Wards off acne and eczema.

    Samples anyone??

  9. BeBe and Bella Cleanser, Toner, Facial Essence, Night Eye Cream, and an Essence Stick is suited for any skin type. Plus it show immediate difference in your skin using the BeBe & Bella products

  10. I learned these skincare products are made with Probiotic Fission Yeast Pagate that makes faster cell growth and fights free radicals

  11. wow this sound like it’s to good to be true! I have tried so many face products to help with my acne, rosacea, uneven skin tone etc…. This product sounds like it would help all my problems, I hope!!

  12. I have not heard of BeBe & Bella before this. I love finding new skin care products that can help my aging skin. These do sound wonderful and I need faster cell turnover.

  13. SOLD!! I am a big fan of probiotics and even use keifer on my skin occasionally. This review just convinced me how beneficial it really is and makes me wonder why I didn’t come up with it 🙂 Thanks!! Great review!

  14. Ok…first of all, please don’t be mad at me! I have to tell you that in your first part of the review, you accidentally said “let’s be honest, we are not getting any older”. I think you meant younger? Or maybe you were being sarcastic! haha I just had to let you know….anyway! I absolutely love that the night cream isn’t greasy! I have used those in the past and I hated the way they felt after I put them on. Thank you so much for your review! God bless everyone!

  15. I love the results in the pics! Makes a difference for me to see real world results! First time I’ve heard of probiotics in facial products. Will definitely keep this line in mind! Thanks!

  16. This sounds awesome. I didn’t know you could have probiotics in skin care either. I’m from the South and the weather is hard on us. So I understand where the owners are coming from. I like the idea of it being like and not real greasy too. Thanks~

  17. I learned that one of the benefits of probiotics is that they ward off acne and eczema. The hydrating night cream sounds very promising.

  18. I have been struggling with acne since I was 11 years old. It’s done quite a bit of harm to my self-esteem. I will try anything that can possibly help. Thank you for your honest and thorough review. 🙂

  19. I love that it can help fight against acne and eczema. I have not tried anything that works so I would love to try this.

  20. I have a problem with too much moisture even after cleansing. I really like the way my face feels after exfolliating. I am not hip on creams on my face at night because I wake up with my face feeling oily when I go to bed with it clean. I love eye creams except when my eyes water and it stings my eyes, so something gentle would be nice. I’m always game for new treatments to use.

  21. I never knew there were probiotics for your skin. I have heard of it before for you colon and or body and stuff but never for your skin. I have also never head of this product before and those are some great pictures that tell me it works well.

  22. I have just started hearing about having probiotics in skin care! I think it is a great idea and I am going be to trying it out!

  23. I learned that probiotics are good for you on the inside and outside! Probiotics fight off free radicals and have a faster cell turnover!

  24. WOW I can see a huge difference in the before and after pictures. My skin has marks like that from old acne scars and years later they are still there. I will be looking into this brand, thank you.

  25. This product line SOUNDS fantastic, and the reviews of each product were thorough enough to give me a better idea of the benefits and effects. But I’m not convinced that probiotics should be put on my face. What is the science behind this product line, and how does including probiotics help the skin deal with blemishes, fine lines, pigmentaion/age spots, and lack of elasticity more than Vitamin A, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and other proven ingredients…?

    • Hi Deena,

      Feel free to check out their site for more information: http://bebeandbella.com/pages/why-bebella hopefully you’ll get your questions answered. For the review we did not get in-depth into the science of it as the review could go on for pages and pages and most people might not read all of that. We leave it up to the readers to find out more information. Good questions. I have no problems on my face as I believe in the benefits of them inside and out 🙂


  26. This is a great review, I didnt now there were Probiotics for the skin until I saw this ,really like the antiaging benefits and it helps with acne too!

  27. This sounds like a good product. My skin is really showing my age. Especially around the eyes. I’d like to try the eye cream.

  28. I love reading review about new kinds of products. Let’s face it, we’re bombarded by advertising & marketing 24/7, these reviews help to weed out the goodies from the ‘no thanks’!

  29. I like that you can even use this with sensitive skin my son has so many issues with sensitive skin and eczema I this would really help keep his skin looking healthy

  30. These products fight acne and eczema ,this is a family company which I love! These are nom greasy even the cream for nightime is. It’s probiotc,so I’m actually keeping my skin healthy ahead of time before things can arise.

  31. Thanks for the review. I am interested in the benefits of calming inflammation as I have Rosacea and sensitive skin. As my skin is aging I have been having a lot of dryness. I like that this could be helpful and is good for all skin types. Thanks

  32. I had no idea that probiotic skin care existed.I’m so bad when it comes to skin care. I start out trying to moisturize daily, then I lose interest. I really need to stick with it. Especially at my age.


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