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Be Your Own Barista with a DeLonghi Magnifica S

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I Love My DeLonghi Magnifica S Cappuccino Smart System!

The DeLonghi Magnifica S makes my mornings so much better.

Let me tell you why I love my DeLonghi Magnifica S.  I've always been a bit of a slow starter in the mornings and have always been a bit jealous of other moms who could roll out of bed and immediately start their day like rock stars. Me, I roll out of bed with the speed of a sloth and wake up just a slowly. If I have appointments I always try to schedule them in the afternoon because I know I'm such a slow starter in the mornings. To be completely honestly, until I've had a chance to get my morning coffee, I'm pretty much useless. I've tried everything from going to bed earlier to energy drinks but nothing works quite as well as my beloved cup of coffee.

Caramel Dulce Latte

I'm able to be my own barista and save money by not spending $5 a coffee on my favouries, like this copycat Starbucks Caramel Dulce Latte. I love making fancy drinks. You can get the recipe here: Caramel Dulce Latte.  When I use my DeLonghi Magnicia to make this fancy coffee I actually do a double shot espresso latte, then I add the dulce "syrup" I've made and top it with whip cream and caramel drizzle. Oh so good!

Caramel Dolce Latte

Cappuccino and Espresso are two of my favourite coffees. Thanks to the DeLonghi Magnifica S Cappuccino Smart, I can make them any time I want from the comfort of my own home and without having to fight the lines at my local coffee shop. In addition to my favourite extra strength and foamy coffees, the Magnifica S is also capable of whipping up creamy lattes and rich macchiatos. Whether you're a night time drinker or a morning coffee drinker like myself, this stunning machine has you covered no matter what your preferences are. Combining a sleek and countertop friendly design, the compact and fully automatic machine makes it easier than ever to customize your favourite brews right down to the amount of foam it dispenses.

Check out this video from DeLonghi it will demonstrate just how easy it is to make cappuccinos and lattes. Literally at a press of a button!


Features of the De'Longi Magnifica S Cappuccino Smart include:

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  • One touch convenience. Thanks to the new doubleshot x2 feature you can enjoy your favourite drink, only on a taller level.
  •  Fresh Beans for every cup. The De'Longi Magnifica S Cappuccino Smart has an integrated stainless steel burr grinder with 13 adjustable settings that grinds fresh beans every time.
  • Extractable Brewing unit is compact to guarantee the perfect pressure and temperature for infusions. It self adjusts the quantity of espresso for 1 or 2 shots and is easy to clean.
  • 2 Thermoblock Technology. Guaranteed to be the perfect temperature for espresso and Cappuccino.
  • Milk Carafe with Auto Clean System.  The auto clean function once selected automatically performs a rinse cycle.
  • Hot Water Spout. For tea or hot chocolate.
  • Removable 60 oz Water Tank with water level indicator allows for convenient filling and easy cleaning.
  • Coffee Bean Container Capacity. Holds 8.8 oz.
  • Removable Used Coffee Container and Drip Tray. For convenient cleaning and easy disposal of coffee waste.
  • Height Adjustable Spouts. Lets you brew directly into espresso, demitasse or 12 ounce cups.
  • Energy Saving Switch. Allows you to save up to 77% energy.
  • Water Filtration System.
  • Flavor Saving Bean Container Lid.

Here's my DeLonghi Magnifica S making a latte for me in my favourite red mug 🙂

delonghi regular coffee - Copy

Standing in line to get your coffee fix in the morning can be a real pain. Trust me, I've been there almost too many times to count and I've never been happier than I am now with my sleek De'Longi Magnifica S Cappucino Smart. Thanks to this gorgeous machine I can say goodbye to lines and the occasional order mess ups and be content knowing I can make all of my favourite drinks in the comfort of my own home, to my exact specifications.

You can see more of the yummy drinks I made along with some pictures of my DeLonghi Magnifica S in action on my Valentine's Day Coffee Post.

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By on March 8th, 2016

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4 thoughts on “Be Your Own Barista with a DeLonghi Magnifica S”

  1. I could figure out any machine that makes coffee like that, I mean I could at least try to figure it out so I can get that cappuccino. It's a need and a want.

  2. This sounds so nice. I am like you, I start out slow in the morning and I need my coffee drink. Thank you so much for sharing this

  3. I love coffee but I also hate the thought of having to wait in line and spending $5 for a coffee, this would be a really nice item to have, thanks for your review!


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