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Banish Nightmares with an All-Night Hug for Kids

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Banish Nightmares with an All-Night Hug for Kids

I can’t hug my kids all night, but this can help.

Unfortunately, my two oldest kids have suffered from bad dreams, nightmares, and full-blown night terrors since they were babies. I’ve done all I can to ensure they feel safe, and loved, but it still doesn’t stop those random nights when I wake to their crying and screaming. Things have drastically improved since we received a Gravity Kids weighted blanket. It’s a weighted blanket made especially for kids and it has helped to banish nightmares in our home. 

Banish Nightmares with an All-Night Hug for Kids

Disclaimer: This review was done by team member Emily. She was provided product in exchange for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are her own and were not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way.

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Cozy Year-Round Comfort

Banish Nightmares with an All-Night Hug for Kids

We are lucky enough to have central air in our home, but even with that our bedrooms are on the top floor. It can still get uncomfortably warm up there. My oldest child, in particular, cannot sleep if he is too hot. “So how was he going to handle a weighted blanket?” I thought. I was happy to see that the blanket features a 100% polyester cover that naturally wicks away moisture and stays breathable.

Banish Nightmares with an All-Night Hug for Kids

It secures the inner weighted blanket into place with both ties and elastic-plastic clips. This is great since I know my boys toss and turn in their sleep and would bunch it up otherwise. And after two weeks, it remains secured and in place. Most of my boy’s blankets end up on the floor by morning.

Banish Nightmares with an All-Night Hug for Kids

My boys think the blanket is comfy and it does not get too hot. It has actually reduced their tossing and turning as well, showing they are more comfortable throughout the night. 

A Weighted Blanket to Banish Nightmares?

For us, this has worked. We use meditation, and natural melatonin to help them. But each of my boys still averages 2-3 nightmares or bad dreams per week. In the two weeks, we have had this blanket, neither one has gotten up to say they had a bad dream, which they always do. Night terrors are much rarer, but I have had not one night so far where I have to catch my child running through the house in fear. Because they are not fully awake when this happens it is scary for all parties involved and I worry they’ll get hurt. 

Banish Nightmares with an All-Night Hug for Kids

I have greater peace of mind now that they have the blanket. While I cannot be certain, yet, that they will no longer get night terrors, the simple reduction in bad dreams has been wonderful. It breaks my heart every time my oldest appears at the top of the stairs saying he had another bad dream. And it has not happened once in two weeks. I’m ecstatic. 

Comforting Kids All Night

Banish Nightmares with an All-Night Hug for Kids

This blanket seems to not only banish nightmares but provide a sense of comfort. The 10-pound blanket feels like a hug that holds them all night. It is heavy enough that it is recommended for kids ages 7 and up, but the blanket also comes with a 3-pound weighted stuffed puppy. There was no stopping my 4-year-old from commandeering that dog. 

Banish Nightmares with an All-Night Hug for Kids

The puppy is lighter weight, so I have experimented with it as she sleeps. I lay it next to her so that it weighs down the blanket beside her. I noticed it keeps her in a deeper sleep for longer. She also does not toss and turn as much. 

Peace of Mind For Parents

There is no doubt that it is stressful right now. For so many reasons. And kids feel that too. Anxious minds generally lead to uneasy minds. And that leads to bad dreams, anxiety dreams, and other nightmares. So not only does this help kids banish nightmares, but as a parent, I can feel good about my children getting the sleep they need and deserve. I’ve got my own weighted blanket and it’s a lifesaver. Now my kids can have the same!

Banish Nightmares with an All-Night Hug for Kids

The duvet on the kid’s blanket is easily removed and can be quickly tossed in the washing machine when it is needed. The blanket itself can be hand washed and air-dried. And the snuggly puppy can be easily spot cleaned. The blanket is 66” x 42” so it’s great for a twin bed, or it lies across both my boys in their full-sized bunk. We went with the gender-neutral green option, though they have a pink as well. I might have to invest in a second pink Gravity Kids blanket one as their little sister grows up. 

Parents can also benefit from a nice cool weighted blanket and nothing beats soft and airy bamboo sheets to ensure you get the best night’s rest as well. Go see!

Things have improved since we received theweighted blanket. It's made especially for kids and it has helped to banish nightmares in our home. 

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  1. I wonder if my daughter should try this. I know a couple of my grandkids have nightmares. I have read such good reviews of weighted blankets.

  2. Helping kids and their parents get a good nights sleep is so important. I can see how the gravity blanket would make kids feel cozy and comforted through the night.


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