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AutoEgg Automated Cat Litterbox

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Advantages of an AutoEgg Automated Cat Litterbox

Why would you want an automated cat litterbox? If you have a cat as part of the family then you know the trials and tribulations of cleaning cat litter. We’ve only had one cat for several years, Ollie and even with regular cleaning of the cat litter box I always seemed like it still had a smell and the cat litter was everywhere. Add our one dog Nyx who liked to play with the cat litter (gross I know) and it was work cleaning and trying to keep Nyx away from it.

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automated litterbox

Disclaimer: We received this product in exchange for our honest opinion. All opinions are 100% our own.

So we had decided we needed to look into an automated cat litterbox to see if that would be a better option for us. I of course liked the idea of not having to scoop every single day so I was all on board with checking out automated cat litter boxes. 

Oliver automated cat litterbox
Our goofy cat Ollie looking very serious in this picture. It’s challenging getting a good photo of any cat and Ollie doesn’t make it any easier lol

We were lucky as the folks over at ChillX AutoEgg sent us one of their automatic self-cleaning cat litter units and yes it’s actually shaped like an egg. I never thought I’d say this about a cat litter unit but it’s aesthetically pleasing, sleek and almost space-age looking but that could be just me who thinks that lol.

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If you have a cat then you know the trials and tribulations of a litterbox. We're sharing the advantages of an automated cat litterbox.

I had recorded a short video just to show you the ChillX AutoEgg but to be honest it was boring and the folks at ChillX quite frankly have done an excellent job with their video which shows the features so I’m sharing theirs below.

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How Does It Work?

automated cat litterbox

Is the AutoEgg Quiet?

I do not exaggerate when I say that I was completely blown away by how quiet the AutoEgg is. I had to stand right next to it and lean down to even it hear it when it was in motion, it’s so quiet you really have to strain your ears to listen for it. I’ve seen and heard other automated cat litter box and none of the ones I saw before were this quiet, not even close. The ChillX AutoEgg uses an advanced motor and mechanism technology to provide the quietest clean possible.

Oliver the cat

I apologize but if you have a cat as part of your family and if they are as active as our Ollie is you know then how hard it is to get a photo of them. Pair that with trying to get a photo of him near the AutoEgg Automated Cat Litterbox and that equals impossible. Plus I was not going to attempt to take a photo of him in his AutoEgg, that would be invading his privacy, how rude (kidding, sort of, not lol).

bottom of the autoegg

What makes this AutoEgg different from other automated cat litter boxes?


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15 thoughts on “AutoEgg Automated Cat Litterbox”

  1. I have ordered one and I look forward to using it! I saw this last summer and just now got around to getting one.

  2. The health log is interesting to me since we have an elderly cat who we need to keep an eye on his weight. Looks like it has so many useful features and I am impressed that it has an economical way to use the liners.

  3. I’ve been wanting to get an automated litter box. The fact that it cleans at several predetermined times is great as well as letting you know the time your cat used it and amount of waste.

  4. I would love to get this, but I have one very skittish cat. He can’t use covered litter boxes due to a fear of being ambushed! =(

  5. We don’t have a cat anymore, but OMG! How great it would have been when we did! I was put in charge of the litter box, and it was a never-ending struggle. Sammy liked to kick the litter all over the floor. This super for when we get another cat!

  6. This is the first time I’ve heard of this and I’m excited about the health monitoring. It’s most likely priced out of my range, but I will definitely check it out on their website.

  7. I’ve heard of LitterGenie, but not the ChillX AutoEgg . This review was very insightful, as I thought about adding an automated litter box, but had concerns about how my cat would react. I like these features.

  8. I have been thinking about getting a automated cat litterbox for my cat but didn’t know if it would be large enough for my big cat. This would be so helpful and so much easier.


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