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Answers to your Questions with JustAnswer Review

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Getting Real Answers Quickly and Easily

A JustAnswer Review

Don’t you wish you had all the answers? I do. Especially come tax season, or when my kids come home from school asking about “new math”.  I was able to take JustAnswer.com for a test run, and let me tell you, it was a lifesaver.  Whether you need a doctor, mechanic, parenting expert, or getting antiques appraised, the JustAnswer.com experts will help you in no time. If you were skeptical or had your doubts, check out the JustAnswer review below. 

JustAnswer Review

What is JustAnswer?

JustAnswer Review

JustAnswer.com is a question and answer site that allows you to ask a question, pick a topic or category, and it will pair you with an EXPERT in that field to help you with your question. Remember AskJeeves? It is kind of like that, except you don’t get random internet sites back as a result. You get a real answer, from a real professional, in practically no time at all. 

How does JustAnswer Determine Who is an Expert?

I learned for this JustAnswer Review, that anyone wishing to become an expert on JustAnswer has to go through 8 separate steps to be listed as one. First they must submit and application and create a profile. They then get their credentials checked out. Their customer reviews are then looked over to make sure they deliver a quality experience, followed by looking into their peer-to-peer reviews. A quality algorithm is then used to determine who can be quantifiably proclaimed an expert in their field. Secret shoppers are then used to get advice from the prospective expert. If they get a good score from the secret shoppers they go to a final advisory board to determine whether or not they will be verified as an expert in their field on JustAnswer. If they get the green checkmark, they are an expert! 

How do I Ask Questions?

JustAnswer Review

All I had to do to ask a question was sign up with an email, name, and password. In order to compensate the experts for their time, and well, their expertise, there is a fee to ask a question. It is a $1 join fee and then a monthly membership-based service, but there are no contracts and you can cancel anytime. There are more than 150 different categories of Experts, so prices will vary depending on the help you need. So, I did have to provide a credit card for that payment. You can also become a member for a monthly fee to have unlimited access to all the experts, asking and getting answers for as many questions as you want. The system then browses through their system to see which experts are available. 

How do I Get an Answer?

Once the system matches you with an expert, the JustAnswer expert will then look over your question. They will then send you a message in the chat system on JustAnswer.com, or you can converse through text, or the mobile app (with a membership)! As a Twitch Streamer I always stress about how to deduct my expenses and claim my income through streaming. I was skeptical, as I sat for about 30 seconds looking at the page saying “Finding an expert” and not seeing immediate progress. So I was shocked, for this JustAnswer review, when about 5 minutes later I got a text saying an expert has answered my question. The average wait time for an answer is just 6 minutes! I went back to the tab with the website and asked a simple question in response to his answer. He responded right away.

How Do I Get Further Help?

The site, or the expert, I’m not sure which, did give me the option in a popup box over our chat, to have a phone call to discuss the question in further in-depth detail. It told me that to have an in-depth call it would be an additional $57 in this case. This is considered a premium service, and those may be offered. Certain expert can even prepare documents for you as a premium service! Since I felt my answer was covered satisfactorily, and this was just for a JustAnswer Review, I chose not to do the call. But I like that it gave me the option, and told me, up front, exactly how much it would cost. And compared to trying to schedule an appointment online, through google reviews, with a CPA locally, I know would have cost me a LOT more. 

What if I Have a Question in the Middle of the Night?

JustAnswer Review

NO problem. Experts are available 24/7. So if your child wakes up with a fever, you can reach a medical professional right away on JustAnswer and figure out if they need to be seen right away, or if you can wait until the morning. It’s so easy and convenient. No stressing all night, or trying to find an urgent care open 24/7 miles and miles away. 

Can They Answer My Question?


I would assume so! Only because they had a fairly extensive list of categories of available experts, and it included everything from DIY to parenting, UK law to antique appraisals. I’d love to have an expert appraise my antique coin collection! I just have to find it, then post my question for an expert to join me! They are even able to narrow it down specifically for your question. If I have a problem with my Dodge Grand Caravan, I know I’ll be paired with a mechanic that knows that brand and model, not someone who specializes in hot rods. That was one of my most exciting finds in this JustAnswer Review. 

Be sure to also check out this tasty Chicken Roll-Up Lasagna recipe, if you need cooking help, you can ask JustAnswer!

Do I Need a Membership?

That is up to you! I can see this JustAnswer service being handy and worth a $28/month membership fee if I’m coming to them even just a couple of times per week with questions! So when my math whiz of a son come home from Highschool eventually with Calculus questions, I can get someone who actually knows calculus and MORE to help him. Yes, that is a category you can ask questions in. Calculus and beyond.

JustAnswer Review

Having relationship troubles? There is an expert for that. Need to know the Blue Book value of something? There are experts for that. Mental Health? German? UK Taxes? Law? Fantasy sports? Yup, all the help you’ll ever need. I’m sure that it is much cheaper than a couple of hours with a tutor each week, and you get one on one attention for whatever question you have. It’s just you and the expert. Members also get 2 free phone calls per month through the mobile app! Let us know if you try it and leave a comment on this JustAnswer Review what topic you had covered!

Is JustAnswer Safe and Secure?

JustAnswer Review

Yes! I worry about that too. Because I don’t like giving out much, if any, information to strangers online. It is exactly what you are told not to do, right? JustAnswer is considered a public forum. But they also make it easy to hide your username, and chats between you and the expert ARE totally private. Just make sure you do not leave any personal information in the question that is posted publicly. 

What Do I Like Best about JustAnswer?

First, it is the convenience. The fact that I don’t have to schedule meetings, appointments, or even leave the house if I don’t want to is huge. I was also seriously impressed with their expert verification process. I felt much more comfortable talking to someone “claiming” to be an expert that I know went through that process, than trying to find someone rated 4-5 stars on google. Because google reviews can be faked, in either direction!

So, I know I’m getting quality support. And even if it costs a bit extra to get a more detailed answer, I at least know up front exactly how much it will cost and I can decide if that is worth my time and money. Simple as that.

The only thing I did not like, was that I could only seem to ask one question at a time. This could be because I had not fully figured out the platform yet, though, and that is totally on me. The account area is easy to navigate, it’s easy to cancel a membership if you want, and I can find questions and answers listed in my account any time. I’ve had a blast talking with real experts for this JustAnswer review. 

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