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American Plastic Toys #Review

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The moment we received our sand table and beach toys from American Plastic Toys my children were playing with them.  Once they were out of the box, they played, and played, and played with all of the great toys for an entire afternoon. They didn’t even care that I didn’t have any sand in it yet!  I contemplated why I was going to even put sand in it, after-all, without the sand they were having a blast and I didn’t have any mess to contend with.

After a few days I finally gave in and added sand to the table to take along to a family gathering. Our children, nieces, nephews, and cousins had a ball playing with these toys! The wonderful thing was, nothing was broken or lost! I found this to be amazing since kids tend to be rougher with toys when playing in a group.

Plastic Toys

Sand table:

The sand table is easy to setup and store. As stated above, we took our table along to a family gathering.  We attached the tarp cover, removed the legs, and laid our table flat in the back seat of our suv – none of the sand left the table during our trip and the legs reattached quickly upon arrival.

The height of the table worked well for our family’s children up to age six. Older children found themselves playing on their knees when they wanted to participate in sand play.

Big Pail of Fun:

The Big Pail of Fun was amazing! I don’t believe I have ever seen such a wonderfully designed beach toy. This basket is part storage and part fun all in one. The lid is removed and can be used as a sifter and mold. After you are finished playing with it by itself, reattachment is easy and the lid clasps firmly to keep the toys inside. Large holes allow for the toys to be rinsed while still inside of the basket without holding water!

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Cart-along Wagon:

The wagon is your typical inexpensive beach wagon. This was probably my least favorite toy as I was constantly scared the children were going to break it before I could get a single picture. I am impressed that it survived the family function and my two year old’s constant attempts to be pulled while sitting inside of it. It is more durable than it looks!

Where to find sand?

Do you know what to fill your sand table with? We love beach and sandbox sand but I don’t like the price-tag that is carried along with purchasing enough to fill our table. I opted to make our sand instead. This recipe will fill the box nicely and is non-toxic/edible for little ones.

Mix ten pounds (2 bags) of white flour with five cups of vegetable oil directly in your table. Use your hands to mix well until all flour is moistened.

It was so easy and I was even able to enlist the assistance of two toddlers after I tossed it a few times myself – they couldn’t sit back and let me have all the fun! The sand is cool and perfect for molding and toddler play.

Play Sand Recipe #NonToxic & Edible for Toddlers Who Are Still Exploring by Putting Everything In Their Mouths | Flour and Vegetable Oil | American Plastic Toys #MadeInAmerica Sand Table


American Plastic Toys are made of colorful and durable poly and are safety tested to all ASTM requirements as well as most export standards. Best of all, it’s all made in the U.S.A. by U.S. workers!

SAND TABLE: Table comes complete with a removable water-proof cover for outdoor use to protect the sand and toys from rain as well as any unwanted guests. It holds up to 50 pounds of play sand. The Sand Table assembly is fast and easy and requires no tools! Dimensions 34 1/2” x 22 1/2” x15”

COLOSSAL PAIL SET: Set comes complete with a pail, two different shovels, two castle molds, three sand character shapes and a big sand sifter with fun shapes molded in! All the pieces fit in a huge sturdy pail designed to safely hold just enough water to be useful and carry everything back from a day at the beach (including towels and other items). Dimensions 17 1/2” x 16 3/4” x 11 3/4”

BEACHCOMBER WAGON SET: Set comes complete with a pail, shovel, castle mold, and two different sand character shapes! Everything comes in a big wagon featuring an easy-to-use flip-up handle especially made for kids to pull a load of toys to and from a fun filled day of playing in the sand. Dimensions 17 7/8” x 11 1/8” x 8 7/8”

My children enjoy playing with our American Plastic Toys beach toys daily!  I had no idea they could have so much fun without the beach!  Our Sand Table showed us that the beach is optional!  Please visit American Plastic Toys for more information.

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  1. I love this! My two kids love sand tables and my youngest loves to pull toys! I also love that you gave me a recipe for sand! How awesome is that!!


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