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Adults & Kids Brushing 101

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We all sometimes need a refresher on  Brushing 101

The majority of the time I’m what you would call Type A about brushing my teeth, however even I sometimes need a reminder on the most effective way to brush our teeth. It’s good for kids and adults alike to remember the best way to keep our pearly whites well pearly white and proper gum care. With Halloween, Thanksgiving and now Christmas coming it’s a good time time to have that Brushing 101 refresher.

This is my daughter, I love her smile 🙂

PBM Brushing 101

I know that even though I’m obsessive about brushing my teeth that sometimes I forget to pay attention to proper technique and making sure my brush heads don’t need to be replcaed. Using the right tools and techniques can help stop cavities from digging a hole in your teeth.  The Truly Radiant™ Extra White Manual Toothbrush is the only manual brush that features a unique rotating head, plus elongated all-access bristles designed to blast away surface stains. Using this brush will not only help keep teeth pearly white, it will also help brush away any newly formed cavities caused by Halloween overindulgence. Pair this with the Truly Radiant™ Rejuvenating Toothpaste and you have yourself a winning cavity fighting pair.

Truly Radiant™ Rejuvenating Toothpaste (3)

Perfect technique is important too. The best way to clean your teeth is to hold the brush at a 45-degree angle using short strokes and an up and down motion. Brushing like this will help remove any plaque or bacteria that can build up on the teeth and gums. Most dentists recommend brushing for a minimum of two minutes to thoroughly remove plaque and combat bad breath.

Truly Radiant™ Extra White Manual Toothbrush

When brushing, be gentle and avoid brushing too hard. This is something my dentist has warned me about, I have to be more gentle and not take the enamel right of my teeth from brushing too hard. Make sure the entire mouth gets cleaned by brushing the outer and inner tooth surfaces, back molars, and by doing a few passes over the tongue, a popular spot for bacteria.

Lastly, how old is your toothbrush? If the bristles are starting to separate or look frayed it is probably time for a new one. Three to four months is usually a good guideline for toothbrush longevity.

Use these brushing techniques to scare those cavities away for good!

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  1. We have been using truly radiant toothpaste and brush for about 2 mths now. My son especially likes the brush because it turns manually and not electronically. At 14 he use to complain that it would spin to harshly on his teeth so that is when we switched over to the manual brush. So glad they put this one out there for people like him.

  2. This is some really great information. I think we all need reminders on technique at times. I have never tried these products but I will soon. Your daughter does have a beautiful smile. She is a very pretty young lady


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