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A Unique Way to Feel Connected To & Remember Loved Ones

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A Unique Way to Connect & Remember Loved Ones

Remember loved ones this holiday season and beyond by using this amazing new gift idea! A unique but simple way to remember and feel connected to a loved one no matter where they are with HeartLight.

HeartLight will be on our upcoming Holiday Gift Guide!

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While we all most likely have loved ones who are not close by, during these crazy times even the ones that live close by we may not be able to spend time with them like we could before. What a precious gift it would be to connect and remember loved ones even if we can’t be together. Whether it was your child, parent or a beloved pet there’s something comforting when feel and hear their heartbeat when in an embrace.


When we can’t be together but would still love that comfort or a way to uplift ourselves, now HeartLight can let you give and receive the gift of the heartbeat of that loved one. 

What is HeartLight?

HeartLight is a revolutionary system that enables you to record a loved one’s heartbeat or your own heartbeat and share it through light, sound, and touch. It helps you stay connected when you’re apart and be more mindful of the moments that matter most.


How Does It Work?

Connect the HeartWand or a Fitbit to the HeartSafe™ app and record a heartbeat at a special moment: when you propose, when your child is born, or when you meditate and need to be in the present. 

Use the controls in HeartSafe to display and edit the heartbeat. 


Save and name multiple heartbeats in our secure HeartVault cloud storage. The heartbeat you choose will illuminate the HeartLight, so you can see, hear, and feel the connection to a person or moment you love.

Connect the HeartLight to the HeartSafe app. Use the controls to display any heartbeat in 6 different color choices: Red, Gold, Blue, Cyan, Purple, and Green. 

remember loved ones

A unique gift to uplift yourself and connect with and remember loved ones

I love this idea of the HeartLight. I know what it’s like to live far away from loved ones, be away from them and missing them. I would love to record all of my pet’s heartbeats, my daughter and my husband. I remember when filling up a hot water bottle and putting it and a clock that made ticking noises into our dog Zeus’ crate with him at night. While he was in his crate in our bedroom he would whine at night when we first got him.

remember loved ones

I had remembered reading that something warm and something that replicated a heartbeat could be comforting to a puppy. My hubby thought I was crazy but darn if it didn’t help calm him down. Heartbeats of our loved ones comfort us, I miss the heartbeat of our dogs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

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How comforting would it be to have been able to record their heartbeats and listen to them while enjoying the soothing beauty and colors of the HeartLight? That’s one of many reasons I would love to record my family’s heartbeats, including our two dogs Nyx & Cleo. I would of course love to record Ollie the cat’s heartbeat too but I’m thinking that will be a near-impossible feat lol. 

remember loved ones

If you would love to give or receive (it’s never too early to hint at gift ideas especially for those of us who are considered hard to buy for) a gift that you can personalize to capture a special moment, a special person or pet or all of the above then HeartLight is the gift for you.

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Remember loved ones this holiday season and beyond by using this amazing new gift idea! A unique but simple way to remember and feel connected to a loved one no matter where they are with Heartlight.

It’s the gift that could be for everyone as it gives us the opportunity to connect, comfort and uplift ourselves both with the sound of that precious heartbeat and at the same time be a beautiful item to add to our home. I could just watch the lights to be honest and find it calming and pretty. 

To get your very own HeartLight or better yet to gift it to someone please go to their Indiegogo page HERE. If you get one let us know we’d love to know if you got one for yourself or as a gift. 

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  1. How awesome is this, what a great gift this would make. I love that by using the app you can still hear the ones you love heart beat and love that you can change colors.


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