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A stairlift made a bad situation a little better for my mom

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I wanted to write this post to share my personal experience on the benefits of having a stairlift for those who really need it. Some of you may already know that my mom passed away over 7 years ago of cancer. That last year when her cancer came back (she had been cancer free for almost 5 years at that point) unfortunately in a matter of months things went down hill quickly. My parents along with my brother had at the time things got worse for my mom lived in a house where the main living areas were in the second floor. For the last few months mom was confined to a wheelchair and my dad who was in his 60s was not in the best shape to always move her up and down the stairs. My brother tried to help when he could but he wasn't always reliable and had his own problems going on.

Fortunately for us between some home care services and my mom's doctor inquiring we were able to purchase a used stairlift to be installed in their home.

As mentioned the one that we were able to obtain was a used one but we certainly didn't care about that as it worked and that was the main thing. What a difference having one made, it wasn't as fancy looking as the one above but it got the job done. We didn't have to worry about my frail dad trying to lift my mom even if she did only weigh 100lbs. In addition to that though the stairlift gave a bit of dignity back to my mom. Where things were already challenging enough, it gave her the feeling of not being as helpless. She could wheel herself over to the stairlift chair, get herself in and down to the bottom of the stairs and into her chair other chair that we kept specifically downstairs for her. It was also an immense relief for myself as even though I only lived 10 minutes away I couldn't be there all the time and worried about my mom and dad but I had a 3 year old to take care of and I worked full-time outside the home.

Now I'm sure the chairlift wasn't meant for this but we didn't care as it brought a bit more joy to my mom where we let he grand daughters my daughter Sian and my 3 year old niece Rochelle to ride on the stairlift one at a time. The girls would squeal in delight as we let them ride it walking down beside them of course. More importantly my mom always smiled and chuckled watching her two grand daughters have fun and giggle on "their ride". Sometimes the most important thing is to just give people some joy and independence in a time when they need it most. So now instead of just sad memories when we think of the stairlift in that house we can think of the joy and and a little bit of the independence it brought mom.  Of course being the older sister who couldn't resist a jab at her younger sibling I told my brother he could probably use it even now 🙂

If you know of someone in need of one make sure to look for used ones in good condition and many places will also rent them out. It can make a big difference in someone's life I can attest to that.


This is a sponsored post for Handi lift Residential, however, all the points and views are my own.

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By on October 25th, 2012

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18 thoughts on “A stairlift made a bad situation a little better for my mom”

  1. I've been wanting to look into this for a relative who is not quite ready for it, but is considering selling her home b/c of the stairs that would have to be negotiated. I would not have thought about a used system. Great post!

  2. Thank you for this post! I had never thought about the possibility of being able to purchase a used chairlift system. My father-in-law had to have a chairlift installed in the last few years and it had drastically improved the quality of his life. He had such a hard time getting out of his home in any way because there were stairs at every entrance.

  3. I'm sorry for your loss and glad you have fond memories to share with us. Thank you for the insight on getting a used stair lift. I hadn't thought of that possibility for when my mobility is drastically cut. Great and helpful post.

  4. My grandmother had something like this when she was alive and it was the best thing ever. There was no way she would have been able to go up and down the stairs without it.

  5. My grandmother had a stairlift when I was little. Now I only have 30% lung function left after a bone marrow transplant, and keep looking for where we could put an elevator in our house. A stair lift would be perfect! Thanks for the idea--hopefully I won't need it for many years, but you never know.
    Diane -two time cancer survivor

  6. I'm so glad the stairlift worked so well for your mom. My dad sure could have used this when he was alive, it would have made life just a little easier for him too.

  7. I've seen these advertized, we use to live in a house with upstairs and when we moved we bought a one-level home, because I had such a hard time climbing the stairs, now I would not be able to climb them hardly at all

  8. My aunt has MS and should really get a stairlift. However she is a proud woman and worries about what other people will think if she got one. I worry that she will fall on the stair and won't be able to call for help. I'm going to show her this article and hope that she realizes that a stairlift can help her.

  9. I am really glad that they made stairlifts. Sometimes walking up or down the stairs can be tiring on anyone. I sometimes feel the need for one myself, because I get so winded if I use the stairs too often.

  10. Thank you for sharing this story with us and I'm sure it brought sad memories as well as good ones. My mom also passed away 7 years ago, but she had congestive heart failure and she went fast. I'm glad your mom got her feeling of freedom with the chair and seeing the granddaughters enjoyment of it. thank you again.

  11. Sorry to hear about your Mom. The lift certainly made it easier on everyone. We made several modifications to my GrandDads house in his later years that made it easier for him. WOrth every penny we spent.


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