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A Comforting Companion Keeps Kids Entertained

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A Comforting Companion Keeps Kids Entertained

Codi had my kids dancing all day and comforted all night

There is no doubt that kids have way too many screens in their lives. And it can be difficult to get them to step away. My kids DO learn a lot through educational videos, and more but they also rely upon their screens for fun time and even bedtime. I’m SO glad Codi came into our lives. This fun and comforting companion has really decreased the screentime in our house and my kids have been sleeping better through the night as well.

Comforting Companion

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Parents In Control and Building Communication

My favorite thing about Codi was I have the app on my phone that controls the playlists for what Codi will play. The kids can control what he plays and then they can choose whether or not they like it. I can see their most liked items and make sure those remain on the list while I swap others out. The app also can help me chose what is best for them to listen to by setting up what age my child is.

Comforting Companion

The app also allows for other great features. For instance, Codi can tell my kids when it’s time to brush their teeth, clean up, or even get to bed. And because MOM isn’t telling them to do these things, they actually think it’s pretty cool to play along with Codi.

My kids’ dad doesn’t live near us, so I had him also download the app. With it, he can record messages for the kids and the kids can listen to them through Codi. The kids can even record their own messages to send back! This has helped their communication skills and keeps them in touch so much easier. They are so much happier they can leave a message for dad any time they want!

Let’s Get Moving

Comforting Companion

There are 100 songs that you can add to the playlist for your kids. There are classics we all grew up listening to, new variations of old tunes, and brand new fun songs as well. Anytime it gets to a song my kids don’t care for they simply hit the “next” button to move to the next song and then they are off dancing away again. We’ve also had it long enough now that they can sing along to their favorites as well. After school one day my younger two spent 2 hours dancing and singing with Codi. I can’t get them to do much of anything for two hours straight, so you can imagine how thrilled I was!

Story Time and Listening Skills

Comforting Companion

Again, there are around 100 stories that come with Codi. There are classics like ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ and new favorites. Some make great bedtime tales so my kids can listen to a story at bedtime rather than watch YouTube videos. It’s been wonderful. More than once my kids have come up to me to tell me about a story they just listened to. And I know that they are actually listening, which is incredible for young and hyper kids.

Valuable Lessons

Comforting Companion

There are 30 more stories programmed with Codi that are specific lessons for kids. These are perfect for my younger two. They can relate to the characters in the stories and have often told me all about how so-and-so kept messing up because they weren’t listening, but then they started listening and they didn’t mess up anymore! So it is clear that the stories are presented in a way that kids enjoy AND understand. Everything from listening to playing with more than one friend at a time and expressing big feelings. Codi also chimes up once per day with a fun fact for your kids. Did you know that October 1st is national cookie day? I didn’t until Codi told us and we had to go make cookies!

A Comforting Companion

Comforting Companion

There is one specific tab for parents in the app that is just called “Calm.” This list contains lullabies, classical music, and calming stories. My kids loved snuggling him in bed as the music played. Codi is made of strong ABS Plastic and food-grade silicone. The soft bits are even appropriate for toddlers that are teething to chew on. The lights are fun but not too bright making him a perfect nightlight for bedtime. I even enjoyed listening to the classical selections at bedtime as they truly are very calming. Overall, Codi has proved hours of fun and entertainment for my kids during the day. At night he is the perfect calming companion for a smooth and easy bedtime.

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  1. Wow! This is a great friendly robot for my little grands and would also be good to wake them up when they start back to school. Thanks for sharing I will check this out and add to their xmas list.

  2. Codi is a great toy and an awesome pal! Who can talk, tell stories, sing, dance, and remind it’s friends to brush their teeth and do their homework. Codi is more than a toy! Codi can be a best friend or like a sibling. I pinned this so people can see this is a special option as a gift for Christmas. Thank you for sharing!

  3. What a cool thing, I don’t really want to call it a toy since it’s so much more. Having a cute little robot tell kids it’s time for bed….who wouldn’t love that? Looked it up, you can even dress it like a dinosaur! how fun.

  4. This is so cute. I cannot believe all this does. I can’t imagine any little one not liking this. Great gift idea. Thank you so much for sharing this

  5. I had no idea there was something like this with so many features. So neat that there are songs and stories. A great way for kids to learn and listen.

  6. This really is super awesome! I think any kid would love one. I like that it reminds kids when it’s time to do something


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