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2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Teens and Tweens

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Powered by Mom's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Teens & Tweens

If you're looking for a gift that would be great for your tween or teen this is your gift guide!

Make sure to check out our Tech/Gamers Gift Guide as well, there's bound to be something there for your tween or teen.

We will be continually adding to this guide so make sure you come back often to see what we've added. We're just getting started and have so much to add. You can click on the snowmen below to get to the different categories of our Guide. We hope you get some fabulous ideas for this gift giving season.

If you have some great gift ideas, feel free to leave us a comment on what you think would be an awesome gift guide suggestion.

For the Music Loving Tween or Teen  
The Color of Music pendant - Get it HERE.

For the Book Loving Tween or Teen 
Book Lover pendant - Get it HERE.

Tons of fun gift ideas at Staples, in store or online!

Check out our gift ideas from Staples HERE. Laptops, tablets and oh yes Kinder Surprises too 🙂

free e-book
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 Instax Share SP-2 Printer

Enter the Giveaway HERE - Canada Only Ends 12/19

If you haven’t heard of the Instax Share SP-2 Printer you will be wondering where you’ve been. It’s been popping up everywhere and for good reason, you can print quality photos from your phone on this fabulous little printer. It’s compact yet powerful, you can easily take it with you anywhere and no messy cables to deal with! I’m literally stalking my front door waiting for mine to arrive!


Get the family playing & moving with a Halo Rover from Halo Board

Read our review HERE

The Halo Rover is the Worry Free Hoverboard. It’s a fabulous unit for the entire family to have fun on while they learn together how to maneuver the Halo Rover. It’s stable and has beginner modes make it easy for everyone as they learn to use it. It even has bluetooth speakers so you can have your tunes on while having fun riding it. It’s an amazing gift for the holidays but one that the whole family can enjoy. Use code POWEREDBYMOM from now until end of February 2017 to get $25 off ANY of their boards.

Halo Rover


Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch

The ALCATEL ONETOUCH GO WATCH is fully customizable design. Swap out the front casing, main body, and the band to make your own style.


  • Android + iOS Compatible*
  • IP67 WATER, DUST & SHOCK RESISTANT Not only does this stylish wearable feel great on your wrist, it’s also IP67 Water, Dust & Shock Resistant! Whether you are sweating during a jog, get caught in a rainstorm or bump it accidentally, the ALCATEL ONETOUCH GO WATCH will keep on ticking.
  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Stop draining your phone battery checking notifications every few minutes. The GO WATCH sends notifications right to your wrist, allowing you to decide when it’s worth picking up your phone.

 Limeapple Clothes for Tween & Teen Girls - Get the full scoop HERE

$100 Gift Code Giveaway to Limeapple HERE open to US/CAN Ends 11/26

Comfy, cute and well made. limeapple clothes are girl and parent approved. From their athletic clothes to lovely dresses and more girls everywhere will love limeapple as much as we do!


Rolling alarm clock. Rolls around if you don't get up to turn it off.

This is a cute gift item and come sin a variety of colors. Right now the white clock is by far the cheapest. We all know teenagers need an alarm to get up for school or is that just mine? ?

clocky clock



You can get it HERE on Amazon!

Skullcandy Jib Buds only $9.99 at London Drugs

It seems to me if teens don’t have their phone in front of their face or in their ear then they will have earphones on. Skullcandy is definitely a popular brand with the teens and these are the right price for my budget. If you don’t have local London Drugs you can order online from them for delivery almost anywhere in Canada.

skull candy

Aftershozk Trekz Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones

Review & Giveaway Coming Soon


Skylanders Imaginators – Review for Wii U Coming soon. 

Skylanders is always a hit in our home for kids to adults. Get it HERE on Amazon. 


Tile helps you track down your misplaced valuables

Read our full review HERE

Know anyone who loses their phone, keys or other items? Get them Tile!

It's a joke in our home how between my husband and my daughter they are both constantly looking for their misplaced phones. In fact with my husband it's not just his phone but his keys too. I can't count the number of times in the mornings when it's time for him to leave for the day when he's asked has anyone seen my keys? Where's my phone? Where's my wallet? Do you have that happening at home too? Well thank goodness we can now make our mornings easier to find our misplaced with Tile!


Destiny the Collection PS4 and other platforms

As of 11/27 on Sale at Amazon HERE


Me to We items from Staples 

Every Me to We purchase makes a positive impact in a Free The Children community overseas


Motorola VerveLoop & VerveRider Earbuds

Check out our review HERE and enter the giveaway HERE Open to US Only Ends 12/18

If you’ve been looking for a gift for the music lover in your family then you want to check out Motorola’s VerveLoop Earbuds and their VerveRider Earbuds. They are made with comfort in mind, superior sound and all that for reasonable prices too. They are perfect for music lovers, tweens, teens and of course mom and dad too!


RipStik Classic


Swivel and Ride on the RipStik Classic. Great way to help your child get out of the house and active! Make sure you check out photos and even a video clip showing how the RipStik Classic works!

Brookstone Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

These are quite fun, they change colors the ears can be speakers and of course they're also headphones. I know several young girls who would love this techy, fun gift. Read our full review HERE

Luca + Danni Jewelry - Review

American made jewelry that is as unique and beautiful as the person you are getting it for.  If you are looking for beauty and quality, look no further than Luca + Danni!


Kindle E-reader - Black, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi

Get your tween or teen a Kindle. It's easy on their eyes as the touchscreen reads like real paper, no screen glare, even in bright sunlight unlike tablets. The batter lasts for weeks not hours. They can get their own books, you can buy them some, they can literally have thousands of books in this small, lightweight unit. Encourage a love of reading. Get it HERE on Amazon.


Razor Hovertrax


You will NOT want to miss checking out Razor's Hovertrax 2.0. This is an amazing product with the first certified electrical system! Self-balancing and loads of fun!! Check out the video showing off this awesome product!

08 Left Travel Attire

08 Left

Do you have travel lovers in your family? Great gifts are available at 08 Left that use airport codes, NASA Codes, famous air traffic control towers and more to create t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and even baby onsies.

G-Form Protective Gear


Do you have someone on your list who is an avid bike rider, soccer player, skateboarder, snowboarder or skier? G-Form has a perfect gift for them! Ultra soft material and cushioned padding designed specifically for which part of the body it is made to protect, G-Form stands far above the competitors with their high-quality athletic protection pads. Read the full review HERE!

Yvolution Neon KYX

Yvolution Neon KYX

LED lights packed in these shoes by Yvolution Neon KYX turn every day into a party. Stand out wherever you are with these fun new shoes! With internal USB ports, the Neon KYX can be recharged when the lights go out. Sold in Toys R Us Stores nationwide and online. Check out the full review HERE!

By on October 22nd, 2016

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76 thoughts on “2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Teens and Tweens”

  1. I don't often think of Staples for gifts but they probably would have some good after Christmas sales too. Good use for those gift cards. I've seen the Instax camera there too so I'll be watching for those sales.

  2. The AfterShokz bluetooth headphones are a fabulous addition to the teens and tweens gift guide. I know both my kids would love not having wires dangling anymore. For that matter, I would love a set of these too!!

  3. TONS of great gift ideas. Teens can sometimes be tough to buy for. I like how varies this list is. I rally like the earbuds and I aam sure my nieces would too!

  4. These are all great. I love those shoes. Tweens are the hardest age to shop for in my opinion. The only other things I can think to add are other tech type thing since that's all they seem to do these days, lol.

  5. I love looking for tween and teen girl presents. The LImeapple leggings are a must buy for any tween and even I love them and would wear them!

  6. Teens & tweens are the most difficult to shop for, but the Aftershozk Trekz Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones would be perfect for both teen & tweens of both sexes and a great companion to their music and books on tape gifts.

  7. You have so many great ideas on this list for tweens/teens. I love the Rolling Alarm Clock, both my boys tend to shut off their alarms and then go back to sleep. If they actually have to get out of bed to find and shut off their alarm they are less likely to go back to bed.

  8. Limeapple is a perfect place to shop for teens! their clothing is of great quality and can't beat the prices especially when they have their sales going on

  9. That rolling alarm clock is hysterical! I could totally see giving that to a tween. My niece sleeps though her alarm often, and this would force her to get up.

  10. My favourite item here isSkullcandy Jib Buds only $9.99 at London Drugs,. What teen or tween do you not know who lives with er buds in!

  11. The book lovers pendant is awesome!! What about giving a tween a variety of lip balms/glosses? I think the girls usually love them/ Oh and gel pens!! Can't go wrong with those!

  12. I love the music and book lovers pendants. These would fir my kids perfectly. My daughter is my music lover and my son loves to read his books. They are so neat. Never thought of something like this.

  13. The earbuds are always a good idea, they lose them so frequently. My preteens and teens all want overpriced makeup and audy shoes. I am glad to get better ideas. The book pendant is perfect for my oldest daughter! Thanks.

  14. That's a great idea for the reader in the family....the book-lover-pendant. Although it could be for any age, it's a good stocking stuffer choice for a tween.

  15. My tween loves everything to do with music so the pendant would be perfect for her. iTunes GC are always a great idea for that age range.

  16. The Book Lover pendant is awesome! I am actually going to order it for my daughter right now! She is going to love it! Thank so much!

  17. My niece is about to be 13 & she would love the book lover pendant (or the music lover one.) Those are nice! I'd like one, too, lol, & I'm 51!

  18. I think that it is very hard to buy for the average teenager, because it is so hard to think like them. Even times are not the same as when I was a kid, so it is hard, and your guide will help me out. Thanks for sharing it today.

  19. My daughter is a high school senior. Some of the things that are on her list are : Band merchandise or items relating to her favorite television shows, bedding and towels for her dorm room, grown up coloring books, and quality headphones.

  20. I love what is here , those pendants are adorable,, I would probably just add a bike, only saying this because one of the teens in this household ask for one.

  21. The pendants are lovely ~ I have a couple different ones and the pendants are well-made. I am (so far) lucky to not have to worry about needing the rolling alarm clock (yet).

  22. I'm sooo glad I clicked into this! I had no idea Limeapple has clothes for tween & teen girls! Yippeee! I used to make many gifts, but when they get to this age, they are much more picky. Easier to buy something, and I love the items from Limeapple!!!

  23. I find this group the most difficult to find ideas for. The idea of the rolling alarm clock is so clever and I think would be a fun gift.

  24. I would love some Limeapple clothes for dd! They are right up her alley and she would love to be able to mix and match them!

  25. I love both of the pendants for the musical and book lover teens in our lives. My teenage daughter would love to wear these too!

  26. I know when I was that age, I loved clothes. A gift card would be nice. I'd never pick out an outfit for a teen. Half the fun is trying on the clothes.

  27. Love the rolling alarm clock, it seems like since smartphones not many people have them any longer. This is something I could see using!


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