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10 Things to do in Washington State with Kids

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10 Awesome Places and Things to do in Washington State with Kids

When planning your vacation to the Pacific Northwest, be sure to check out this list of kid-friendly places and things to do in Washington State. Also helpful for residents looking for ways to survive the summer with small children, there are so many fun activities on this list, you'll want to make time for everything!

Seattle skyline at sunset, WA, USA

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We've even included a few bonus ideas so there's actually more than ten places and things to do in Washington state!

One of the most beautiful areas of the country is the Pacific Northwest. If you are visiting the state of Washington this summer (or are lucky enough to live there), you'll really enjoy checking out this list of kid-friendly places and things to do in Washington state.

Seattle Washington
Famous Seattle skyline dazzling under a beautiful dawn sky across pier-66 waterfront

Summer time and vacation time can be tough for kids, despite how much they may look forward to the time. With so little structure and so much free time, it can be challenging to make sure that kids get the type of experiences that make this a summer vacation to remember.

Whether you are looking for museums and other entertaining indoor activities or thinking of ways you and your family can spend time out in nature, you'll find a variety of wonderful ideas on this list. Your summer vacation planning just got a bit easier!

The Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight - Seattle, WA (The Museum of Flight)things to see in washington state like the city of Seattle Museum of FlightIf your kids love airplanes, you should plan on visiting The Museum of Flight in Seattle this summer. The Museum of flight is the largest non-profit air and space museum in the world and it is simply amazing. From hands-on exhibits, flight simulators, aircraft rides and so much more, there is so much to see and do that you'll want to visit many more times if you are able. We went here with our daughter and my father-in-law who lives in the Seattle area and had never been to the museum.

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  • RentalCars.comthings to see in washington stateWe even walked through a decommissioned Air Force One, that was very cool I have to say. And we were also inside a space capsule, so it's not all planes, remember it's a museum of FLIGHT. We all had a great time exploring the museum.There is a lot of walking around so keep that in mind for little ones and the elderly.  Check out their website to learn about their wide variety of tours, family workshops, and other wonderful offerings!

    KidsQuest Children's Museum

    KidsQuest Children's Museum - Bellevue, WA (KidsQuest Children's Museum)

    If you are in the Bellevue, Washington area with kids age 10 or younger, a trip to the awesome KidsQuest Children's Museum is definitely in order. One of the best kid-friendly places and things to do in Washington state, KidsQuest is like a paradise for kids. Children are encouraged to learn and explore through lots of hands-on activities. There are so many things to investigate, play with, build, and do.

    Everywhere they turn, kids are encouraged to use their imagination and be open for any and all possibilities. If you live nearby, be sure to check out their summer camps, workouts, and other wonderful special events!

    Bloc Yard Bouldering Gym

    Bloc Yard Bouldering Gym - Spokane, WA (Bloc Yard Bouldering Gym)

    If your kids are climbing up the walls this summer and you happen to be in the Spokane area, the Bloc Yard Bouldering Gym has even better walls for them to climb on. With over 4,500 square feet of space, this fantastic place is filled with climbing possibilities for everyone from toddlers to adults. Yes - you also get to climb if you'd like!

    The coolest thing is that you don't need any special equipment to climb. Everything is safe and the floor is padded, providing the perfect opportunity for your kids to have some fun without scaring the life out of you. If you live in Spokane, be sure to consider their Summer Camp program. The Bloc Yard Bouldering Gym is also a great place for birthday parties and other events. Be sure to check out their website for more information!

    10 Things to do in Washington State with Kids Spokane

    Children's Museum of Tacoma

    Children's Museum of Tacoma - Tacoma, WA (Children's Museum of Tacoma)

    The Children's Museum of Tacoma, WA is a truly special place for young children and is definitely one of the things to do in Washington state with kids. Created mostly for kids aged eight and younger, it is a wonderful place for younger children to explore and learn in an environment that is safe, welcome, and encourages creativity and cooperation.

    One of the loveliest things about this special museum is their "Pay As You Will" admission price, leaving it to parents to pay based on what they can afford. It is just one of many ways that the Children's Museum of Tacoma provides an inclusive space to every young child that comes through the doors. It's a great place to spend a few hours if you just happen to be in the area. And if you live in Tacoma, be sure you check out their website to learn about all the great programs they have available throughout the year!

    iFLY Seattle

    Check out our full experience at iFLY Seattle HERE which includes a video of my daughter indoor skydiving. ifly seattle fun things to do in washington stateiFLY is the experiential entertainment company that created modern indoor skydiving…they make the dream of flight a reality by giving their customers “wings” in a safe and reliable environment. iFLY started in 1998 as SkyVenture, LLC. They developed the technology to create a stable, wall-to-wall cushion of air in a flight chamber, they knew we could offer an incredibly realistic and safe indoor skydiving experience. 

    Today, iFLY has 37 locations around the world. My hubby and daughter both had their doubts at first about iFLY as neither one of them is fond of heights. However, I couldn't wait to try it and I asked them to go with me and check it out and if they really didn't feel comfortable they didn't have to do it.ifly seattle best things to do in washington state

    Powered by Mom flyingWell once they watched other people go inside the tube and how much fun they were having they were all over it. We all had a fun time! One tip for those with long hair, braid your hair before doing this indoor skydiving. You'll thank me for it afterwards.

    Great Play Interactive Gym for Kids

    Great Play Interactive Gym for Kids - Redmond, WA (Great Play Interactive Gym for Kids)

    Sometimes it can feel very challenging to find ways for your kids to play and be active, while still making sure that they are safe. If you are in the Kirkland or Redmond area of Washington this summer, be sure to check out Great Play Interactive Gym. This place is absolutely ideal for kids age 10 and younger and combines computer play and music with physical activity in a way that is downright brilliant!

    Check out their website to learn all about their summer programs and ways that you and your kids can get involved. It's a great location for birthday parties, too!

    Woodland Park Zoo and Zoomazium

    Woodland Park Zoo and Zoomazium - Seattle, WA (Woodland Park Zoo and Zoomazium)

    When looking for kid-friendly things to do in Washington state, no list is complete without a great zoo. The beautiful Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle is a non-profit animal habitat that was founded in 1899. It provides a home for over 1000 animals and is dedicated to conservation and animal welfare.

    The zoo is an amazing experience for everyone, especially those who love animals. And for your wee ones aged eight and younger, be sure to check out the Zoomazium while you are there. This lovely indoor facility is a great place to visit no matter what the weather, giving the tiniest tots and interactive environment where they can explore, play, and learn all about nature.

    If you live in the Seattle area, be sure to check out their special programs. You might even want to consider a membership to this special place!

    Rill Adventures Raft and Gear Rentals

    Rill Adventures Raft and Gear Rentals - Thorp, WA (Rill Adventures Raft and Gear Rentals)

    Another one of those must things to do in Washington if you're there this summer and looking for a bit of adventure, why not go river rafting? The folks at Rill Adventures Raft and Gear Rentals can help you have an amazing rafting adventure right on the Yakima River. There are different tours you can choose from, depending on how challenging you would like it to be. You can even choose between having a tour guide or taking one of their self-guided tours. River rafting is a great way to enjoy nature while staying cool on a hot summer day, and it is so much fun for the whole family! Check out their website for information, safety guidelines, prices, and more!

    Seattle Aquarium

    Seattle Aquarium - Seattle, WA (Seattle Aquarium) fun things to do in washington stateIf you and your children love the ocean and the animals that live in it, a visit to the Seattle Aquarium should be a "must-do" on your things to do in Washington vacation planning list. This aquarium is truly wonderful! It opened in 1977 and is the ninth largest aquarium in the United States.

    The non-profit facility is dedicated to helping ocean animals through research, education, conservation efforts and more. Whether you live in the area or simply plan on stopping by while on vacation, check out their website for live cams, printable activities, and all kinds of interesting information!Seattle Aquarium top things to do in Washington state

    Yakima Valley Museum Children's Underground

    Yakima Valley Museum Children's Underground - Yakima, WA (Yakima Valley Museum Children's Underground)

    The Yakima Valley Museum is one of the kid-friendly things to do Washington state that is great for children and adults of all ages. But for younger children, the Children's Underground is a very special place! In many ways, it feels like a secret world only for children. There are child-sized buildings and period costumes, tools, artwork, and more.

    Kids can learn all about history and the natural world in an immersive environment where they are free to explore and enjoy lots of hands-on activities. It's great fun for children visiting the area. And if you live nearby, be sure to check out their many programs and even consider getting involved with the museum yourself. You'll be glad you did!

    True West Trail Rides

    True West Trail Rides - Spokane, WA (True West Trail Rides)

    In our modern world, people often find it difficult to get out into nature. But if your children love animals, True West Trail Rides might just be one of the best kid-friendly things to do in Washington state on this list! Even if none of you have ever ridden a horse before, the people at True West Trail Rides in Spokane would love to help you see how wonderful the view is from the back of a horse! Be sure to check out their website to learn all about the places they go, get answers to your most important questions, and learn all about planning your adventure!

    Whether Washington state is your home or simply your summer vacation destination, your family vacation will be enriched when you visit some of these wonderful kid-friendly things to do in Washington state. Which one do you think your kids would like to visit first?

    Love these ideas? Make sure to PIN this article for when you go and visit Washington State and check off some of these fun things to do in Washington state. 10 Things to do in Washington State with Kids - Seattle

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  1. This sounds like so much fun. Beautiful area with so much to do for the whole family. I would love to do this with mine. Thank you so much for sharing this

  2. I have never visited Washington State before. It seems that there are plenty of places to visit and would be a nice vacation.

  3. We have not been to Washington but my husbands company is based in Seattle. We may be making the trip this year.

  4. So many interesting things to do for families with kids! After visiting the many museums, the True West Trail rides would be a great break and outdoor activity. This may also be a favorite of all the family members. Great enjoyable exercise too.

  5. We live in Washington and haven't heard of a few of these! True West sounds fantastic! Ah, but don't forget Olympic Game Park where Disney retired their animal stars!

  6. There are so many fun things to do on this list! iFLY Seattle looks awesome! KidsQuest Children's Museum sounds like something my grandchildren would really enjoy.

  7. These photos are wonderful. I see a lot of terrific places to visit in Washington State. It would be a super trip with my family.

  8. These are great things to see and do in Washington with my 2 granddaughters. I know they would enjoy the Seattle Aquarium and the 13 yr old would love to try the indoor skydiving at iFly.

  9. I have a lot of friends in Washington and have been wanting to take a trip as I have never been to the state. With three kids, always need things ready to go for entertainment, thanks!

  10. Never been to Washington but have a niece that lives near Seattle. I definitely want to visit the IFLY and the Aquarium. I took flying lessons before I got married and loved it so the IFLY is just another step in the direction of something I love. I also took SCUBA lessons before I got married so loving aquariums is a natural.

  11. I would highly recommend True West Trail Rides. Your family will definitely enjoy the beautiful trail ride. Also, Spokane has countless outdoor spaces to enjoy with family and friends.

  12. I want to go on vacation with you! You had so many fun and learning things to do. I would enjoy each and every one of them

  13. My hubby and I were just talking about planning a trip to WA. Love all of these, thanks for all the great tips. It looks like I might be more excited for this trip than the kids LOL

  14. I have never visited Washington DC. But we are planing very soon. Bookmarking this article for later use. Thank you!

  15. I love the idea of taking children to museums. The underground one look like a lot of fun and would be interesting for kids.

  16. I was fortunate enough to live in Washington for 7 years. I miss it so much. Summers are amazing. You really never have to leave the state to go on vacation. Now that I have kids, I’m dying to take them there. Another great place for kids & adults is Northwest Trek. It’s kind of like a zoo but no cages just electric fences. My Dad took us there when we were little and I’ll never forget it. Another fun one is the Locks in Ballard. You can see how the boats enter Lake Washington from Puget sound. You can also see the salmon swimming upstream.

  17. Forget the kids, I would love to do these things!! The indoor skydiving looks like so much fun! I would love to do that.

  18. Ifly Seattle would be something my kids would love. It would teach them alot about airplanes. We would also love the aquarium.

  19. We have never been to Washington State, it's on the list. Wow, there are a lot of things to do. I can't wait to visit some of them, hopefully, we can go this year. I really want to do the IFLY, it looked like so much fun. Thanks for sharing your great pictures and for all the information.

  20. My home state! 😀 This is a great list, and I can definitely say that the Woodland Park Zoo & the Seattle Aquarium are always hits!

  21. I have never been but it sounds like a fun place to vacation. I know I would love the Seattle Aquarium!

  22. My husband would love to visit The Museum of Flight in Seattle. He is a pilot and would love this museum! He loves Seattle too and it sounds like a blast!

  23. My sister lives there. I’ve been there with kids and without. I didn’t do not one of those things with my kids or by myself! My sister doesn’t have any kids so this stuff probably never entered her mind. I did pin this. These are some great suggestions!! I like going to museums and zoos. Maybe next time, I can enjoy some of the sights. I did go to the Space Needle. I watched your daughter go skydiving with her moose hat on 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  24. The aquarium, museum of flight and kids quest are places that we have enjoyed going with our grandchildren. The other places are new to me so thanks for sharing.

  25. I am lucky enough to live in Washington state and it is a beautiful place. Sadly I have not been to any of these places. I didn't even know Spokane had the TRUE WEST TRAIL RIDES. This would be fun.

  26. This does seem like a great place to visit as a family trip. I especially love the KidsQuest Children’s Museum and the aquarium for my kids. They would love it.

  27. You had me at IFLY. I have always wanted to skydive but was afraid to do it. This would check off an item on my bucket list. I didn't even know this existed. Looks like a lot of other things to do while visiting too, so definitely worth a trip.

  28. This sounds like so much family fun. It is so pretty here. I love that there are so many fun educational things to do. I would love to take my grandchildren here. Thank you so much for sharing this

  29. Never been to Washington state and have wanted to visit. Would love to hike to waterfalls and trail ride!


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